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To get security and privacy right, researchers in CyLab believe we need to think beyond the traditional boundaries of engineering and computer science. We have to look further into the human factors that make security and privacy usable as well as the economics and social sciences behind the decisions people make with technology. We have to understand the policy ideas that power the network safety of private and public enterprises. Security and privacy affects every walk of life, from the operator ensuring the resiliency of a city’s electric grid to a child learning to read using a tablet.

Given the unprecedented explosion of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and the emergence of technologies like cyber autonomy and blockchain, CyLab is leading centers and initiatives focused on strengthening the security and privacy in these areas.


Blockchain @ CMU


Cyber Autonomy @ CyLab


IoT @ CyLab


CyLab is leading a number of other research centers ranging from biometrics, privacy, to visual intelligence. Learn about our other research centers.

Topically, CyLab is currently focusing on fourteen research areas related to security and privacy. 


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Want to do research in CyLab?

If you're a student eager to research security and privacy with CyLab, it's important to know that you cannot apply to CyLab directly.

  • Current CMU students: we encourage you to reach out to any CyLab faculty member(s) you are interested in conducting research with. 
  • Non-CMU students: We encourage you to apply to any one of Carnegie Mellon’s degree programs and specify your interest in security and privacy in your application.