CyLab is launching a multi-year Secure and Private IoT Initiative with a singular, ambitious mission:

To create the knowledge and capabilities to build secure and privacy-respecting IoT systems. 


We will develop a suite of novel foundations and technologies that address the following IoT challenges: scalability, speed and cost, safety and security, uptime and reliability, and privacy and compliance.  Our approach: build a network that can autonomously protect devices, create novel ways to bootstrap trust in devices (even when compromised), and built-in primitives to hold the network and devices accountable for data collection and dissemination.

Through this multi-year Initiative, CyLab intends to re-imagine an IoT world along the following three core concepts and underlying research themes:

1. Autonomous Healing

  • Observation: The network is the only security touchpoint for both new and existing devices.
  • Consequence: A new resilient and secure network-centric approach to autonomously close the loop, and dynamically customize the network’s security posture, is needed.
  • Initiative Objective: An IoT stack that leverages new advances in Software Defined Networking (SDN) to autonomously detect and react to security incidents at machine timescales that cannot be fundamentally done by humans-in-the-loop.

2. Trusted

  • Observation: IoT devices are deployed with limited or no user or management interfaces so it is difficult to ensure they remain secure over the lifecycle – from configuration, to resetting to a known state in the presence of malware, and ongoing updatability.
  • Consequence: Secure enforcement mechanisms for establishing a root of trust in a heterogeneous set of devices without requiring a user interaction are needed.
  • Initiative Objective: Trusted devices built on new advances in remote attestation pioneered at CyLab, as well as provably secure primitives for bootstrapping trust such as verified end-to-end systems stacks. 

3. Accountable

  • Observation: Massive data collection and machine learning is possible today, but there is no way to ensure that the learning obeys company policies and is not inadvertently biased or privacy violating.
  • Consequence: Explainable artificial intelligence and enforcement mechanisms are needed so that human security and privacy auditors know the learning respects policy and the human.
  • Initiative Objective: New accountable artificial intelligence primitives that can be built-in to ensure new devices, when added to the network, obey data collection and privacy policies.

Join us!

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