Carnegie Mellon CyLab’s Secure and Private IoT Initiative (IoT@CyLab)'s 2020 round of funding supports ten IoT-related projects for one year. While all Internet of Things security and privacy topics are within scope, IoT@CyLab is especially targeting the practical systems solutions for security of industrial control systems and Industrial IoT.   

Funding for these projects was made possible by sponsorships from Amazon Web Services, AT&T Business, Infineon Technologies, and Nokia Bell Labs. These sponsors actively worked with IoT@CyLab co-directors Anthony Rowe and Vyas Sekar on the request for proposals and proposal review. 

The projects are grouped into three broad research themes:

  • Trustworthy platforms
  • Autonomous healing networks
  • Accountability

In addition to these three research themes, there is also a new educational component for the 2020 funding, building on the success of CyLab’s picoCTF platform to create custom modules for Industrial IoT Security. During the execution of these projects, CyLab faculty and students will collaborate with industry sponsors towards the mission of creating the knowledge and capabilities to build secure and privacy-respecting IoT systems.


Trustworthy platforms

Hardware redaction via designer-directed fine-grained eFPGA insertion

  • PI: Ken Mai, Principal Systems Scientist, Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Lightweight security architectures for IoT fog networks

Quantized deep neural networks for fingerprint recognition


Third-party network traffic attribution for IoT, TV, web, and mobile

  • PI: Tim Libert, Special Faculty Instructor, ISR 

IoTSniffer: Detecting unauthorized traffic in industrial IoT

Privacy tradeoffs in distributed learning


Autonomous healing networks

Systematic attack generation for industrial control systems

  • PI: Eunsuk Kang, Assistant Professor, Institute for Software Research (ISR)

Robust machine learning-based anomaly detection for industrial IoT

Zero-Knowledge network security analysis using generative adversarial networks



Expanding picoCTF into industrial IoT

  • Co-PI: Hanan Hibshi, Research and Teaching Scientist, Information Networking Institute (INI)
  • Co-PI: Maverick Woo, Systems Scientist, CyLab


For information on how your company can get involved in IoT@CyLab or other security and privacy research at CMU, contact a member of the CyLab partnerships team.