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Faculty, alumna receive “Test of Time” awards

ECE’s Lujo Bauer, EPP/ECE’s Nicolas Christin, EPP/ECE’s Lorrie Cranor, and ECE's Bryan Parno received the “Test of Time” award at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer’s 44th Symposium on Security and Privacy.

ABC News

Carley quoted on bias in AI training

CyLab’s Kathleen Carley was quoted in ABC News on bias in AI training amid conversations about how chatbots, like ChatGPT, are programmed to generate responses, and the possibility of political biases. “There’s this view that the majority of information that it was trained on is more left-leaning and has certain political biases and certain political agendas built into it,” Carley said. “That’s where that argument is coming from.”

Carnegie Mellon University

Three Engineering faculty named University Professors

Three College of Engineering faculty members have been elevated to the rank of University Professor, the highest distinction a faculty member can receive at Carnegie Mellon: CEE Head Burcu Akinci, CyLab Director Lorrie Faith Cranor, and CEE’s Greg Lowry.

Ars Technica

Cranor discusses Twitter’s two-factor authentication changes

CyLab Director Lorrie Cranor discusses Twitter changing its two-factor authentication policy.

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