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To foster the type of informal, experiential interactions that are most helpful for advancing technology break-through and transition. Sponsors will be encouraged to participate in the initiative by providing feedback on areas of research focus and priority before the research begins.


Security is a team sport. Solve hard problems.
Sponsors participate, influence, integrate personnel throughout research lifecycle.

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Make it tangible. Build actual systems & software.
Annual call for proposal seeds innovation projects.
Integrated reference implementations, incrementally refine.
Open source, permissive license. Take research in-house.


Amplify investment. Make bigger impact.
Builds on previous research project and program funding at CMU.
Sponsor funds pooled: $1M+/yr research funded (>5x amp.)

FutureEnterprise@CyLab is made possible by the generous support of our sponsor companies:
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For sponsorship opportunities, contact Michael Lisanti, Director of Partnerships.