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CIC Community


CyLab is housed in the Collaborative Innovation Center building on Carnegie Mellon's campus in Pittsburgh, PA. The CIC's second floor is home to many of the students and researchers at CyLab.

On this page, you will find CIC community guidelines, information about our people and occasionally photos from community events. CyLab has a Social Engineering Committee, which hosts socials and committee recognition awards. If you have any questions, please contact Tina Yankovich.

CyLab is a collaborative community. Everyone helps keep CyLab a vibrant place to enjoy research and education. 


Quick Contacts 

  • General CIC help (help@cylab.cmu.edu)
  • CyLab Communications & Media: Donna Sturgess & Daniel Tkacik (media@cylab.cmu.edu) media, PR and general communications needs
  • Tina Yankovich (412-268-3808 / tinay@andrew.cmu.edu) payroll, keys, supports special projects and CyLab administration, purchasing
  • Ivan Liang (412-268-1416 / r33t@cmu.edu) office/cubicle space, telecom, facilities, faceboard, equipment loan program
  • Karen Lindenfelser (412-268-6716 / karen@ece.cmu.edu) maintains faceboard, PDL administrative manager

CyLab, CIC and Campus Resources

Contact Us

CyLab Administration

A full list of the CyLab administration can be found in the directory.

CIC Support Staff

  • Karen Lindenfelser: PDL Administrative Manager; support for Greg Ganger. 412‐268‐6716, CIC 2209
  • Brittany Frost: Sponsored Research Assistant; supports Lujo Bauer, Yang Cai, Anupam Datta, Marios Savvides, Maverick Woo, Nicolas Christin, LImin Jia and their students. 412-268-1212, CIC 2105
  • Megan Kearns: Sr. Administrative Coordinator; supports the CyLab corporate partner program 412-268-6183, CIC 2110
  • Chelsea Mendenhall: Administrative Coordinator; supports Virgil Gligor, Adrian Perrig, Raj Rajkumar, Anthony Rowe, Vyas Sekar, and their students. 412-268-1657, CIC 2105
  • Tiffany Todd: Program Administrator; administrative support for Lorrie Cranor and respective students. 412‐268‐9870, WeH 5107

Campus Assistance

Carnegie Mellon Police

Emergency: 412-268-2323

Non-emergency: 412-268-6232

CIC Security Guards (during business hours 8:30am-5pm)


General & facilities issues

Ivan Liang or help@cylab.cmu.edu

For emergency facilities issues after business hours, please call the Campus Police at 412-268-2323.



CyLab staff, students, and faculty use Slack as web communications and messaging service for general department updates, free food alerts, upcoming seminar and research events, and general chat. Register for our Slack Team at https://cmucylab.slack.com/signup with a CMU email address (@cmu.edu, @ece.cmu.edu, @cs.cmu.edu, @cylab.cmu.edu, @ini.cmu.edu or @andrew.cmu.edu)

Beware: The messages posted to any Slack channel are considered public as anyone with a CMU address can register. In CIC, we have the larger kitchen TV scrolling through the channels.  Direct messages aren't public; check slack.com for the ToS and more information.

Mailing Lists

All new students and visitors are automatically enrolled in the CIC2-gen mailing list. If you have not received a notification of subscription to the maillist, contact help@cylab.cmu.edu.

CyLab Prompt

The CyLab Prompt is a newsletter for the CyLab community: faculty, staff and students. Read the inaugural issue!

Working in the CIC building

Grey, keys, space

The Grey Project is a device-enabled authorization project that we utilize on office and other space doors. The project utilizes novel user interface technologies for authoring access control policies. Basically, we use our handheld devices (read: mobile phones) to request access via server permission to unlock doors. Learn more by contacting Michael Stroucken.

Keys are administered by Ivan Liang. Once you are notified that space is available and has been secured for you, Ivan will get you keys to access the CIC 2nd floor.

Space is offered as available. Please check with your advisor and Ivan Liang for an udpate on cubicle availability.

Office/Kitchen Supplies

General office supplies and shipping materials are in the grey cabinets in room 2117. Please let us know if we are out of an office supply item or if there is something additional you need. Kitchen supplies are stocked weekly by each kitchenette, but can also be found in the brown cupboards across from office 2113. Please let us know if you take the last of a kitchen item.


It is important that we have an accurate listing of members of the CyLab Community for safety and security. If you know of someone new, please make sure you let a support staff member know. We ask that you submit your seat information, advisor, length of stay, and preferrably a photo to Ivan Liang and Karen Lindenfelser. A physical copy is viewable in the student lounge, or you can reference the faceboard listing of the floor.

Conference Rooms

There are 6 conference rooms available to use. You need to reserve these by emailing help@cylab.cmu.edu.  You will be asked to leave if someone else is scheduled for the room. These are for group work and meetings, not individual study or to be used as offices. You are expected to clean up after you are done. This includes: white boards erased; chairs pushed in; no garbage, food, cups or pens left in the room.

Conference Room Details

  • 1301 (Reservation Calendar) - space for 30 people, has a projector. Chairs and tables need to be set up with all chairs stacked against the wall; 2 tables in front of the projection screen; other tables off to the side.
  • 2101 (Reservation Calendar) - space for 20-30 people, has a projector. This is a corporate room used for industry and other special guests. If you are permitted to use this room, it is imperative that it is left clean: with white board erased, and chairs pushed in. CyLab maintains the right to remove you on short notice if visitors come, as they take priority. Please schedule with caution.
  • 2201 (Reservation Calendar) - space for 10 people; with a projector
  • 2206 (Reservation Calendar) - Room for 6
  • 2214 (Reservation Calendar) - Room for 6
  • 2312 (Reservation Calendar) - Room for 6

Media and A/V

Projectors, speakerphones, webcams, cords, adapters, and other audio/visual equipment are available for meeting and collaboration needs on a loan basis. Please contact Ivan Liang with your requests. Check the equipment loan calendar for availability.

Computer Support

CyLab computer support is provided by ECE ITS.

Email: its@ece.cmu.edu for issues. 

For non‐technical concerns, such as paper / toner, contact: help@cylab.cmu.edu.

Network Connectivity

  • Wired Network Access: Wired network access is now controlled by CMU Computing Services. Connect your machine to a wired port, and browse to Netreg. Specify the subnet as "Collaborative Innovation Center - Users", and make sure to check your Affiliation as "CyLab." Your hostname can be anything of your choosing on a ANDREW.CMU.EDU host.
  • Wireless Network Access: Wireless access is controlled by CMU Computing Services. Follow the Computing Services instructions to connect your computer or mobile devices.

Printers and Copiers

The following networked printers are available in the CIC:

HostnamePrinter ModelIPv4AddressDuplexColorAdditional FeaturesRoom
HARBOR-TOWN.ANDREW.LOCAL.CMU.EDU Canon iR3235 Yes No Black&white scan-to-email andcopy Outside 2201
DEATHSTAR.ANDREW.LOCAL.CMU.EDU RICOH MP C4505ex Yes Yes Color scan-to-email and copy, stapling 2117
MORTICIA.ANDREW.LOCAL.CMU.EDU HP LaserJet 600 M603 Yes No 2214 kitchenette

To connect to a printer, please follow the Windows, OSX, or Linux guide.

If you add the printers manually, use the LPD protocol, not IPP.

For printer help or troubleshooting, please email: help@cylab.cmu.edu

Extra paper is in Copier Room 2117.

Other Rules and Perks

  • Soda and snacks are available for the CyLab Community in the kitchen in the far right corner of the floor, closest to office 2214. Allowance is one can of soda per person per day.
  • Please clean up after a meeting in the conference room and lounge areas.
  • Parking: CyLab and the INI each have one visitor space in front of the building.  We cannot use the INI space, and the CyLab space is reserved for visitors only. Please see a staff member if you have a special request.  Cars in that space without a CIC pass will be ticketed or towed. If you need to obtain a parking pass in the garage or another lot, go to: http://www.cmu.edu/parking/permits/index.html

Payroll and Finances


CMU Payroll: http://www.cmu.edu/finance/payroll/index.html

New members to the building that are being paid need to see Tina Yankovich (tinay@andrew.cmu.edu) in order to be added to payroll. Tina handles students in CyLab and oversees staff assignments. You will need to go to the Payroll Office (UTDC building – 4516 Henry Street; directions printed out). You will then need to fill out a W-2 and an I-9. Acceptable I-9 documents are listed on the printout. You will need 1 item from Column A or 1 item from Column B & C. (Basically, if you take a passport you only need that, whereas with a driver’s license you’ll need additional ID.) Also required is a social security number (SSN) - see #3 on the next page.

Timesheets are now online with Workday. Direct deposit is both offered and encouraged —- you will be paid more quickly and easily! Please bring either 1) a blank check —- for deposit to checking accounts or 2) a bank-issued document providing an account number and routing number — for deposits to a savings account. You will take these to the payroll office, and after the initial processing time, you should see a bank credit exactly on the payday. For paper checks, on payday these will be available in the UTDC. After that day, checks are held in the payroll office for two weeks, after which point they will be mailed to the address on file in the HR system. Any change of address needs to be done on HR Connection. iPay is a free online system allowing you to access payroll records, and this is encouraged because the university is striving to be paperless. (Instructions are printed and included.)

Please note: expense reimbursements are not the same as payroll, and require another direct deposit form. 

If you are a Foreign Scholar (requirements after receiving DS-2019)

  • Must attend OIE (Office of International Education) orientation class. It is held every Thursday from 1:00 – 2:30 pm in Warner Hall, 3rd Floor. This is mandatory to be able to check scholars into the SEVIS program. Must bring all documents with you.
  • Receive a sponsored affiliate ID Card. This can be used for the CMU gym, shuttle (not Port Authority Transit), and to check books out of the library. The ID Card office is in Warner Hall Lower Level A-15 (printout).
  • Social Security Card is required to be on CMU’s payroll record. This form will be signed by both OIE and department head. This card is not required to open a bank account.
  • If scholar will be here longer than 3 months, they can obtain an Andrew ID and email address. This will allow the scholar use of limited software, library and gym. You will need to visit the Administration's foreign scholar specialist to be entered as a Courtesy Employee.
  • If you are a non-staff visitor, you will need to sign the Visitor Guidelines.

Reimbursement Guidelines

Who to contact - Locate your advisor’s name below for the appropriate SRA to contact for expense report submission, travel requests, & general questions:

  • Brittany Frost - CIC 2116, bfrost@andrew.cmu.edu, 412-268-1212
    • Lujo Bauer
    • Yang Cai
    • Nicolas Christin
    • Anupam Datta
    • Limin Jia
    • Marios Savvides
  • Toni Fox - CIC 2116, tonifox@cmu.edu, 412-268-1657
    • David Brumley
    • Virgil Gligor
    • Priya Narasimhan
    • Adrian Perrig
    • Raj Rajkumar
    • Anthony Rowe
    • Vyas Sekar
  • Karen Lindenfelser - CIC 2209, karen@ece.cmu.edu, 412-268-6716
    • Greg Ganger
  • Tiffany Todd - WeH 4114, tmtodd@cmu.edu, 412-268-6367
    • Lorrie Cranor

Business Expenses Reimbursements

  • All students and staff MUST submit a reimbursement form with all reimbursement requests. Include descriptions of purchases. Email your advisor’s SRA to receive this form.
  • Submit expense requests within 30 days of date of purchase/last day of travel. If requests are submitted >90 days, you will be taxed on the reimbursement.
  • ALL receipts must be itemized!
  • Necessary information on receipts: date, vendor name, payment method, itemization, and total cost.
  • NO tax on purchases is reimbursable. The only exception is on food and purchases made while traveling.
  • Include names of all attendees for meal reimbursements and how they are affiliated with University business.
  • When purchasing software, you MUST receive approval from University Contracts Office PRIOR to purchase. Contact your SRA before purchasing.

Travel Reimbursements

  • Flights should be scheduled to arrive one day prior and to return one day after conference program dates. Comparable flight itinerary must be included for any extra personal travel.
  • Provide conference agendas when available.
  • If the conference provides meals, we are unable to reimburse meal receipts for those times.
  • When driving a personal vehicle, provide a map of mileage to be reimbursed for miles driven. Gas is included in mileage, and no gas receipts should be submitted.
  • When renting a vehicle, do not purchase rental car insurance. CMU maintains insurance for all employees and we are unable to reimburse if purchased. You can find CMU’s car rental insurance here: https://www.cmu.edu/finance/controller/bte/files-secured/auto-id-card.pdf
  • We can only reimburse YOUR travel expenses. Expenses for individuals, such as family, not affiliated with the University are not reimbursable.

If you have any questions, always feel free to ask!

See the full Carnegie Mellon Business, Travel and Expense Policy online: http://www.cmu.edu/finance/controller/bte/files/BTE_policy_sum.pdf