Partnerships lead to safer technology

Here at Carnegie Mellon University CyLab, we are redefining security in this increasingly connected world with forward-thinking, rigorous academic research. Through our corporate and institutional partners program, our researchers partner with government and industry to advance research and education in security and privacy. CyLab is supported by both public and private funding, predominantly government research funds, and the support of our corporate partners.

Partnership benefits

A partnership with CyLab will deliver benefits to your company in the following areas:

  • Research: Access to CyLab faculty and researchers that excel in key research areas
  • Recruiting: Direct and preferential access to the best and brightest graduate students in security and privacy
  • Reputation: Opportunities to complement and enhance your brand and image by being associated with one of the leading research centers in cyber security, privacy and risk
  • Return on Investment: Opportunities for significant cost reduction in the areas of research and recruiting that can enhance your corporate ROI

Meet our partners and sponsors

CyLab’s Partners include a wide variety of businesses and institutions, ranging from companies focused on developing advanced technologies for the Internet of Things (IoT) to law enforcement agencies in other countries. Every partnership is united by a passion to create a world in which technology can be trusted.

Strategic-level partners/sponsors

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Base-level partners/sponsors

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CyLab’s annual partners conference

Over the course of an exclusive multiple day event each year, our partners convene at Carnegie Mellon University for the annual CyLab Partners Conference to meet with and learn from CyLab faculty, staff, and students about the latest research breakthroughs and on-going projects. During non-recorded panel discussions, partner representatives and CyLab researchers discuss the latest research challenges and trends in industry and academia and explore new opportunities for collaboration.

CyLab seminars

CyLab Partners receive exclusive access to view, learn and discuss webinars delivered by CyLab and visiting faculty, government and industry security and privacy experts. Partners are also welcome to attend any session live and we would be happy to introduce you to the speaker.  Registered partner portal members receive notifications of seminars. Upcoming seminars are listed on our events page.

CyLab visiting researchers

CyLab partnership enables a limited number of highly qualified researchers to work in co-located space in the Collaborative Innovation Center on campus.  CyLab visiting researchers may connect with an established research group or conduct independent studies, engaging in formal or informal discussions with faculty, graduate students and postgraduate researchers.  Visiting researchers attend workshops, conferences, seminars, and events across CMU, and join other activities as part of the CyLab community. 

Join us!

We hope you're as excited as we are to work towards our vision to create a world in which technology can be trusted. Contact us and we can work together to come up with a collaboration on cyber security and privacy that benefits your team and Carnegie Mellon University. Meet our partnerships team, or reach out to Michael Lisanti, Director of Partnerships, at or 412.268.1870.

Download our engagement opportunity information packet and contact us so we can work together.