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Researchers often find breakthroughs, but few reach deployment. To overcome this classic problem, Carnegie Mellon intends to release work created through the Initiative (including software, tools, methods and models) under permissive open-source or creative commons license(s). This approach enables both open, repeatable science, as well as rapid prototyping and deployment of new ideas by industry.

As an example, one area of focus will target our infrastructure to large city-scale IoT ecosystems that have heterogeneous, long-lived devices mixed with new infrastructure. Additionally, our prototypes will be tested in a living lab that is reflective of system-wide and cross-layer challenges, and industry vetted for realism. Recognizing that integration goes beyond a single Primary Investigator or graduate student, CyLab also intends to engage professional software developers to integrate and maintain the stack as part of this Initiative.

In launching a multi-year Secure and Private IoT Initiative, CyLab’s singular, ambitious mission is to create the knowledge and capabilities to build secure and privacy-respecting IoT systems. 

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