Carnegie Mellon University CyLab brings together experts from a variety of disciplines across the university to collaborate on cutting-edge research and educate the next generation of security and privacy professionals. Everything we do is fueled by our passion to create a world in which technology can be trusted.

  • Top-ranked programs

    CyLab draws faculty from CMU’s top-ranked programs, like CMU’s #1-ranked School of Computer Science and #2-ranked Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
  • World-class faculty

    CyLab consists of more than 30 core and 60 affiliated faculty who collaborate across 20 different departments across CMU
  • Prolific researchers

    CyLab’s researchers have published more than 400 security and privacy research studies in the past five years
  • Champions

    Five-time DefCon winners, DARPA Cyber Grand Challenge winners, and DefCon Crack-Me-If-You-Can winners

What is CyLab?