Future-proofing enterprise security against evolving threats

To address global enterprise security challenges, CyLab is launching a multi-year, interdisciplinary research program, called the Future Enterprise Security Initiative (FutureEnterprise@CyLab), with a singular, ambitious mission: rethinking security across enterprise ecosystems through innovations in artificial intelligence, computer science, engineering, and human-factors research.

Enterprises are evolving across the board.


Examples of enterprises, such as factories, energy, and healthcare

Our grand challenge problem:

Can we ensure that the operational security postures of ALL enterprises in future scenarios are comparable to the select few “hyperscale operations” that have large security teams and global-scale visibility into threats?

Research thrusts

Through the multi-year Initiative, CyLab intends to develop a suite of novel foundations and technologies that address the above challenges, and re-imagine enterprise systems along the following four key thrusts:

Clipart of two sides of the brain

AI-driven workflows to automate security management and data-driven decision-making to minimize the need for large human teams;

Clipart with four people icons in a circle

Collaborative capabilities to effectively get real-time and global visibility comparable to the hyperscalers;

Clipart showing getting from point a to point b

Foundations for understanding cyber risk and dependencies in complex ecosystems and supply chains; and

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Least-privilege-by-design infrastructure, including trustworthy outsourcing, remote work/management, and deployable software-defined architectures.

Meet our co-directors


Lujo Bauer, Co-director of the FutureEnterprise@CyLab initiative


Vyas Sekar, Co-director of the FutureEnterprise@CyLab initiative

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