Lujo Bauer is a professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and in the Software and Societal Systems Department at Carnegie Mellon University. He received his B.S. in Computer Science from Yale University in 1997 and his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Princeton University in 2003.

Bauer’s research interests span many areas of computer security and privacy, and include building usable access-control systems with sound theoretical underpinnings, developing languages and systems for run-time enforcement of security policies on programs, and generally narrowing the gap between a formal model and a practical, usable system. His recent work focuses on developing tools and guidance to help users stay safer online, and in examining how advances in machine learning can lead to a more secure future.

Bauer served as the program chair for the flagship computer security conferences of the IEEE (S&P 2015) and the Internet Society (NDSS 2014) and is an associate editor of ACM Transactions on Information and System Security.

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Helping Users Manage Online Data

On the Future of AI


2003 Ph.D., Computer Science, Princeton University

1999 MA, Computer Science, Princeton University

1997 BS, Computer Science, Yale University


Media mentions

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

Researchers develop adversarial training methods to improve machine learning-based malware detection software

Professor Lujo Bauer and a team of researchers investigate the effectiveness of using adversarial training methods to create malware detection models that are more robust to some of the state-of-the-art attacks.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

CyLab faculty, students to present at the 32nd USENIX Security Symposium

Carnegie Mellon faculty and students will present on a wide range of topics at the 32nd USENIX Security Symposium. Held in Anaheim, CA, on August 9-11, the event brings together experts from around the world, who will highlight the latest advances in the security and privacy of computer systems and networks.


Faculty, alumna receive “Test of Time” awards

ECE’s Lujo Bauer, EPP/ECE’s Nicolas Christin, EPP/ECE’s Lorrie Cranor, and ECE's Bryan Parno received the “Test of Time” award at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer’s 44th Symposium on Security and Privacy.


Bauer talks password managers

ECE and S3D Professor Lujo Bauer explains the benefits and drawbacks of using Apple's password tool and third-party password managers.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

CyLab faculty earn two ‘Test of Time’ awards at IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) awarded two ‘Test of Time’ awards during its 44th Symposium on Security and Privacy, both going to papers co-authored by CyLab faculty members.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

CyLab awards 2023 seed funding

This year, CyLab has awarded $450K in seed funding to 20 faculty, staff, and students in five departments across three colleges at CMU.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

First round of Future Enterprise Security Initiative funded projects announced

CyLab’s Future Enterprise Security Initiative is underway as the first round of funded proposals has been announced.

Authority Magazine

Bauer featured in Authority Magazine

Lujo Bauer, professor in CMU’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department, Software and Societal Systems Department, and CMU Africa, was featured in Authority Magazine. In the article, he describes the different types of cyber-attacks, explains why critical industrial systems are vulnerable, talks about security mistakes companies often make, and more.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

Nokia Bell Labs sponsors CyLab’s Future Enterprise Security Initiative

Nokia Bell Labs expands its partnership with Carnegie Mellon University, becoming a sponsor of CyLab's Future Enterprise Security Initiative.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

Study reveals third-party tracking abundant on abortion clinic sites

A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine reveals over 99 percent of abortion clinic web pages include third-party tracking, putting the privacy of those visiting these websites at risk.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

iPhone security compromises prove difficult to detect

Mobile phones can be abused to enable stalking through methods like location tracking, account compromise, and remote surveillance. While experts can help victims detect and recover from this type of technology abuse, researchers at Carnegie Mellon's CyLab Security and Privacy Institute say typical users aren't equipped to identify and resolve these issues on their own.

CyLab Security and Privacy Institute

CyLab well represented at SOUPS 2022

There is no shortage of Carnegie Mellon (CMU) students and faculty participating in this year's Symposium on Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS).