CyLab announces first round of Secure Blockchain Initiative funded projects

Ryan Noone

Jun 22, 2023

CyLab logo alongside Secure Blockchain Logo

Carnegie Mellon University's Secure Blockchain Initiative (SBI) is off and running, as six projects have been selected for its first round of seed funding.

Through research, the initiative aims to revolutionize blockchain technology within enterprise ecosystems by tackling various challenges, including enhancing consensus mechanisms and scalability, exploring cryptocurrencies and markets, advancing cryptography, implementing formal verification, and addressing regulation, policy, and governance concerns.

Led by co-directors Nicolas Christin, Elaine Shi, and Ariel Zetlin-Jones, the multi-year CyLab initiative intends to develop a suite of novel foundations and technologies focused on three key thrusts:

  • Cryptoeconomics: Cryptography, Consensus, and Verification
  • Applications and Implementations
  • Cryptocurrencies, Tokenized Assets, and Policy

Funded Projects

Analysis and Optimization of Resilience in Blockchain Peer-to-Peer Networks

Modeling Barriers to Self-Custody for Cryptocurrency Novices

Blockchain Censorship

Accountability for Unlinkable, Anonymous Transactions

Investigating Common Security Vulnerabilities in Blockchain Software

The Value of Bitcoin Options

Funding for these projects is made possible by the following sponsors:

Algorand Foundation,, and Ripple logos
Interested in getting involved or supporting this initiative? Learn more by visiting CyLab's Blockchain@CMU Sponsor Page or contact Michael Lisanti at