CyLab Seminar: Corina Pasareanu

November 14, 2022

12:00 p.m. ET

4th Floor CIC Panther Hollow or Zoom

Corina Pasareanu

Talk Title: Machine Learning and Software Engineering (An Overview of Recent CyLab Projects)

In this talk Corina Pasareanu will attempt to examine how software engineering can be used to improve machine learning and how machine learning can be used to improve software engineering tasks, through the lens of recent CyLab projects. The reported work is the result of many collaborations with researchers and students at CyLab.

Bio: Corina Pasareanu performs research in software engineering at NASA Ames in the Robust Software Engineering group. She is also affiliated with CMU’s CyLab. Her research interests include: formal methods and automated testing with applications to autonomy, and security. She is/was Program/General Chair for several conferences including:  ICSE 2025, FM 2021, ISSTA 2020, ICST 2020, ESEC/FSE 2018, CAV 2015, ISSTA 2014, ASE 2011 and NFM 2009. She is the recipient of several awards, including ETAPS Test of Time Award (2021), ASE Most Influential Paper Award (2018), ESEC/FSE Test of Time Award (2018), ISSTA Retrospective Impact Paper Award (2018), ACM Distinguished Scientist (2016), ACM Impact Paper Award (2010), and ICSE 2010 Most Influential Paper Award (2010).