First round of Secure and Private IoT Initiative funded projects announced

Daniel Tkacik

Apr 29, 2019

CyLab’s Secure and Private IoT Initiative (IoT@CyLab) has broken ground as the first round of funded proposals have been announced. Twelve selected projects will be funded for one year, and results will be presented at the IoT@CyLab annual summit next year.

All projects fall under one of the three IoT@CyLab main research themes: trust, accountability, and autonomous healing.

Funding for these projects was made possible by sponsorships from Amazon Web Services, AT&T Mobility, Infineon Technologies, and Nokia Bell Labs. These sponsors were active in working with IoT@CyLab co-directors Anthony Rowe and Vyas Sekar on the request for proposals and proposal review.

During the execution of these projects, faculty will collaborate with IoT@CyLab’s sponsors towards the mission of creating the knowledge and capabilities to build secure and privacy-respecting IoT systems.

 Listed below are the funded projects with each project’s principal investigator(s) (PI) under each of the Initiative’s three main research themes.


Research theme 1: Trust

Securing embedded software

  • PI: David Brumley, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

Toward a smarthome IoT infrastructure free of privacy leaks and software vulnerabilities

  • Co-PI: Lujo Bauer, Associate Professor (ECE, Institute for Software Research (ISR)); Director of the Cyber Autonomy Research Center
  • Co-PI: Limin Jia, Associate Research Professor (ECE)
Open laptop with computer chip on top of it

Source: Carnegie Mellon University's College of Engineering

Lightweight quantized deep neural networks for IoT devices

IoT device privacy and security nutrition labels

  • Co-PI: Lorrie Cranor, Director of CyLab; Professor in the Institute for Software Research (ISR) and Engineering and Public Policy (EPP)
  • Co-PI: Yuvraj Agarwal, Assistant Professor (ISR)

Wireless physical layer security


Research theme 2: Accountability

Internet of Things compliance gaps under new California laws

Third-Party network traffic attribution and cross-device user tracking for IoT and web

  • PI: Timothy Libert, special faculty in the School of Computer Science (SCS)

Privacy-preserving inference and decision-making with IoT data

Privacy preserving data analytics using secure multi-party computation

  • PI: Vipul Goyal, Associate Professor in the Computer Science Department (CSD)


Research theme 3: Autonomous healing

Flipping the cloud: Managing and protecting IoT interactions among mutually distrusting stakeholders at the network edge

  • PI: Patrick Tague, Associate Director, Information Networking Institute (INI); Associate Research Professor (ECE, INI)

IoTHub for managing and securing devices in the Home

Do-It-Yourself-Locally: An IoT architecture for localized data control for privacy and security