CyLab’s Giulia Fanti receives 2022 Rising Star Award

Daniel Tkacik

Jun 24, 2022

Giulia Fanti

Source: CyLab

ACM SIGMETRICS, the special interest group (SIG) for the computer performance evaluation community, named CyLab’s Giulia Fanti the recipient of the 2022 Rising Star Research Award for her “fundamental and interdisciplinary research on scalable systems for data sharing that ensures security and privacy.”

“I am extremely honored to receive this recognition from ACM SIGMETRICS,” says Fanti, an assistant professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering. “I look forward to continuing to work on tools for the next generation of data sharing, along with my wonderful students and collaborators.”

I look forward to continuing to work on tools for the next generation of data sharing.

Giulia Fanti, assistant professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

According to the ACM, the ACM SIGMETRICS Rising Star Research Award is given annually to recognize a rising star in our community who demonstrates outstanding potential for research in the field of computer and communication performance. The selection is based on the impact of the candidate's work in the field in creating promising new ideas, paradigms, and tools related to the performance analysis of computer and communication systems, which may be analytical or empirical in nature. Depth and impact are valued over breadth of contribution for this award.

The recipient of the ACM SIGMETRICS Rising Star Research award is selected by a committee consisting of five individuals appointed by the SIGMETRICS Executive Committee. The award includes a plaque and a $1500 honorarium or expenses for travel to attend the conference where the award is presented. This year’s conference took place in Mumbai, India earlier this month.