Engineering Privacy in Software

Location: Pittsburgh

Semester Offered: Spring

Cross listed Courses:

Course Number Department Units
95-878 Heinz College 12
19-605 Engineering and Public Policy 12

Students will learn to analyze systems to identify core operating principles and technical means that introduce privacy threats, and they will learn to evaluate and mitigate privacy risks by investigating system design alternatives. Strategies to mitigating privacy risk will be based on emerging standards and reliable privacy preference data. Students will have the opportunity to study systems across a range of domains, and will learn how, and when, to interface with relevant stakeholders, including legal, marketing and other developers in order to align software design with privacy policy and law.


Class format

Lecture and project-based

Home department


Target audience

Students in the Master of Science in Information Technology – Privacy Engineering (MSIT-PE) program.

Background required

Some technical background. 15-313 or equivalent is a prerequisite.

Learning objectives

  • Integrate privacy into the software engineering lifecycle phases
  • Collect, analyze and reconcile system requirements in a privacy-sensitive ecosystem
  • Evaluate software designs based on privacy principles and privacy requirements
  • Interface with software developers on critical privacy issues

Faculty and instructors who have taught this course in the past

Travis Breaux, Tim Libert, Aleecia McDonald