Data Management and Security

Course Number: 95-568

Department: Heinz College

Location: Pittsburgh

Units: 9

Semester Offered: Summer

Data plays a fundamental part in the functioning of the modern world. As custodians of this data, databases affect almost every aspect of our lives: education, employment, entertainment, tax, medical, commercial, to name a few. In the broader picture of information security, database security is a critical facet. In this course, we will study tools and techniques to address two intertwined questions (i) how to use a database system and (ii) how to secure a database system. Course themes will be sampled from: integrity rules, query formulation, data modeling, table design, authorization and access controls, views, backup and recovery, and encryption.

Class format

Lecture and project-based

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Faculty and instructors who have taught this course in the past

Raja Sooriamurthi