CyLab Chronicles

interview CyLab Chronicles is a series of articles that provide insight into the research conducted in CyLab at Carnegie Mellon University. From smartphones to network configuration protocols, face-recognition applications to privacy policy, the details come to light in the Chronicles. The series is written by Richard Power, an internationally-recognized cybersecurity expert and CyLab Distinguished Fellow. Power is the author of numerous books and conceived and designed the "CSI/FBI Computer Crime and Security Survey" (1995-2002), an annual study, conducted in conjunction with the FBI Computer Crime Squad.


Anupam Datta on Impact and Implications of IEEE Award Winning Paper, "Bootstrapping Privacy Compliance in Big Data Systems"
Anupam Datta is an Associate Professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and a leading researcher at CMU CyLab. CyLab Chronicles recently sat down with him to discuss his team's latest successes and the future direction of their vital research. Here is our conversation.

CyLab Research Sheds Light on Heartbleed and Its Implications
Here at CyLab, the Heartbleed story has provided us with an opportunity to reflect on some of our recent research and its relevancy to the problem at hand.


CyLab Leans Forward In Its Tenth Annual Partners Conference
For many of us working in and with CyLab, the 2013 Annual CyLab Partners Conference was a particularly poignant one. It marked the tenth anniversary of this world class cyber security and privacy research program.

CyLab's Strong Presence Continues at Annual IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy
The 34th annual IEEE Security and Privacy Symposium was held May 19-22 2013, in downtown San Francisco. Once again, as in recent years, Carnegie Mellon University CyLab researchers made a significant contribution to both its content and its tone.

CyLab Researchers Featured on CBS Sixty Minutes
After years of NCIS and other popular law enforcement TV dramas, there is an expectation that facial recognition technology could have led to a speedier conclusion to the Boston Marathon bombing suspect manhunt, or perhaps even have prevented the savage attack.

CyLab Seminars Series Offers Vital Perspectives on Critical Issues in Cyber Security and Privacy
On Mondays at noon, during the school year, CyLab presents its Seminar Series. These talks highlight the research of CyLab faculty, as well as, visiting scholars. In addition, through the CyLab Business Risks Forum, experts in security and privacy from business and government share vital operational perspectives.