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Inventions & Patents

Inventions: System Security

Pioneer: Protecting Legacy Systems
Verifies integrity and guarantees execution of code on legacy platforms; detects malicious software; operates from a secure environment outside legacy system

SWATT (Software-based Attestation of Embedded Devices): Secure Devices
Detects and analyzes software threats on PCs, PDAs, cell phones and sensor nodes; operates from a secure environment outside the device; easily perform quality assurance audits

Automatic Eye-Level System for Robust Face / Iris Recognition: Biometrics
Long-range and short range recognition systems for security and surveillance at critical locations

MiB (Message in a Bottle): Cryptography
Creates key setups for sensor networks; current security protocols assume that sensor network nodes share cryptographic keys with base stations; reduces burden of setting up initial cryptographic keys. (Patent pending)

SQUARE (System Quality Requirements Engineering Process): Design Phase Evaluation
Analyzes security requirements for software-intensive systems in design phase, allowing evaluation before implementations; validated in case studies with CyLab partners; industry recognized process included in DHS website, Build Security In.

reCAPTCHA: Optical Character Recognition (OPR)
CAPTCHA programs generate tests that humans pass and computers fail. The reCAPTCHA project is a free Internet-based service, available to any website that prevents automated abuse of online services while helping to digitize books. As of June 2008, over 45,000 web sites have signed up for this service, resulting in 1.1 billion words digitized from books by over 750 million (unique) people.

Inventions: Security and Surveillance

Grey Technology Smartphone-based Universal Access

Human Feature Hiding in 3D Surface Scan Data

Location Based Unattended Baggage Detection

Multiple Vehicle Multiple Access Point Mobile Video Handover

Real-Time WiFi User Location Mapping System

Seeing-Is-Believing: Using Camera Phones for Human-Verifiable Authentications

Inventions: Network and Software Security

BIND: A Time-Use Attestation Service for Secure Distributed Systems

Human-Verifiable Code Execution

MEAD: Real-time Fault Tolerant Middleware Infrastructure

Midas: Nondeterminism Compensation for Fault-Tolerant Distributed Applications

Minisec: A Secure Network Layer Protocol for Sensor Networks (currently used in Bosch Products)

Secure Sensor Network Routing: A Clean Slate Approach

TFLA (Transparent Failure Routing Algorithm

Vajira: Distributed Survivability Benchmarking

Inventions: Technology Improvements

Context-Based Multiple Resolution Video Compression

Eye Tracking-Based Network Data Flow Control

CyLab Patent Filings

Automatic Signature Generation Against Worm Attacks

Context-Aware Network Bandwidth Optimization

Multiple Vehicle Multiple Access Point Mobile Video Handover

Pioneer: Verifying Integrity and Guaranteeing Execution of Code on Legacy Platforms

SecVisor: a mechanism for OS code integrity protection

MiB (Message in a Bottle)