Trusted Infrastructure Workshop 2011

June 19-23, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA

When IT infrastructure technologies fail to keep pace with emerging threats, we can no longer trust them to sustain the applications we depend on in both business and society at large. With an increased dependency on information systems comes an increased need to understand how security can be built into computing infrastructures, in a way that provides appropriate assurances and meets the security challenge in mobile, globalized and distributed eco-systems. The concept of trusted infrastructures refers to information systems composed of hardware platforms, operating environments, and applications that behave in an expected and predictable manner for an intended purpose. Ranging from Trusted Computing, to machine virtualization, new hardware architectures, and new network security architectures, trusted infrastructure technologies attempt to put security into the very design of commercial off-the shelf technologies. Whilst individual technologies provide enhanced security capabilities already, the greatest challenges still lie ahead in combining them in ways that will enable secure, robust, and manageable trusted infrastructures to become the norm for next generation IT-systems.

The Trusted Infrastructure Workshop (TIW) agenda includes lectures in leading edge technology areas, practical hands-on laboratories to provide young researchers with access to emerging technologies, and joint government, industry, academia research workshops led by the academic community to steer technology innovation and define new research agendas that will help to address the hard challenges that come with the goal of designing new trusted computing paradigms for next generation trusted IT infrastructures. The TIW is the first US academic event that aims to draw upon the expertise of industry researchers to provide access to emerging and future commercial trusted infrastructure technologies, and government researchers to provide expertise in the areas of security assurance and the secure management of large and complex infrastructures.

The TIW is aimed at all researchers in the field of IT security with an interest in systems and infrastructure security, as well as younger masters or PhD students who are new to the field. Industry, NSF, and government funding provide for a sponsorship program to provide selected students with financial support to attend. Some keynotes will provide other views on the emerging field of trusted infrastructure technologies, and time will be planned to provide ample opportunity to enjoy social events and network with other researchers. All of the meetings and meals will be organised as a group event to encourage discussion and collaboration.