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Security Issues in Information Naming

Researcher: Srinivasan Seshan

Research Area: Secure Home Computing | Survivable Distributed Systems

Cross Cutting Thrusts: Next Generation Threat Prediction and Response


Scope: The goal of our work is to create an information-centric network architecture. This architecture would allow users to fetch all objects with the same underlying information content with a single identifier. A single identifier across different formats and versions would make it easier to fetch data in different conditions and on different devices. The key first step is developing robust, secure Information Names (InfoNames) for content. These InfoNames would play the equivalent role that a cryptographic hashes play in today’s content-centric network designs.

Outcomes: From the seed grant, we would have a key component for enabling an information-centric network design. In addition, robust, secure InfoNames would provide a mechanism for linking together different versions of content in any setting. This could dramatically change multimedia file management in homes, Internet multimedia search, and reputation systems for multimedia files.