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Long Range Stand-off Iris Recognition

Researcher: Marios Savvides

Research Area: Security of Cyber-Physical Systems


Scope: Current War-Theater Enrollment Iris devices are very intrusive that require the U.S. soldier to capture irises at very close range (3-10”) to the subjects. There are currently no stand-off iris capture devices capable of capturing enrollment quality images beyond 10 inches stand-off distance. We have developed a long-range 6-12m iris stand-off capture system that can capture subjects anywhere in a 6-12m capture volume with enrollment quality images. We are working in Phase II to make the system more robust, increase throughput efficiency and tracking capability. We are working to take this technology and system to the DoD Biometrics Identity Management Agency (BIMA) for installing/testing the system in an operational scenario to help the warfighter and U.S. Army.

Outcome: The outcome of this project will be a long-range iris recognition system to register and identify subjects. The system will be able to handle non-cooperative individuals (it will have pan-tilt capabilities) and will be setup for both day-time and night-time operations providing the U.S. warfighter complete situational awareness.