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Advancing Logic-Based Access Control

Researcher: Lujo Bauer

Research Area: Secure Home Computing

Cross Cutting Thrusts: Formal Methods | Usable Privacy and Security


Scope: This project is an ongoing effort to improve the state of the art in logic-based access control, ranging from theory to implementation to usability experiments. One of the artifacts produced by this project is Grey, a testbed for next-generation access-control technologies that puts access-control decisions firmly in the hand of end users by allowing on-the-fly policy modification by Grey-enabled smartphones.

Outcomes: The goals we aim to accomplish as part of this project include (1) demonstrating the feasibility of logic-based access control in practical systems and environments, including via the deployed Grey testbed; (2) developing novel user-interface technologies for authoring access-control policies; and (3) developing more expressive access-control logics. These goals are generally independent of each other and apply to a wide variety of access-control scenarios and systems, including those completely dissimilar to our pilot deployments. As such, continued development of these technologies can in the long term have extremely broad-ranging effects that benefit both end users and organizations.