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Adaptive Beamforming for Anti-Jamming and Assured Network Communications

Researchers: Patrick Tague, Jason Lohn, Derek Linden

Research Area: Next Generation Secure and Available Networks


Scope: The information-driven battlespace is increasingly network-centric and dependent on fast and reliable delivery of digital information. At the same time, adversaries are becoming more sophisticated. Techniques are needed to provide assured communications, including the capability to prevent jamming signals from disrupting network operations In this proposed CyLab Project effort, we describe research that will further develop an anti-jamming adaptive beam forming system that will provide assured communications in the presence of one or more jammers. The goal of our project is to investigate adaptive antenna systems in order to thwart an adversary intent on jamming a receiver’s signal reception. We will do this by designing an adaptive system that will modify antenna array properties in such a way as to direct nulls in the direction of jammers, and enhance gain in the direction of friendly signals.

Outcomes: The expected outcome of this research is real-time, anti-jamming adaptive beamforming system that can be used to thwart adversaries and unintentional interference. While the research will focus on WiFi, LTE, and WiMAX frequency bands (2.4-4.0 GHz), the results will be applicable to other bands.