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Bridging the Gap Between Systems Security and Language Security

Researchers: Jonathan McCune

Research Area: Trustworthy Computing Platforms and Devices

Cross Cutting Thrusts: Software Security


Scope: Systems security is an active research area, driven in part by the dire state of our critical infrastructure systems today in the face of software-based attacks. To date, there has been a chasm between effective work being done in the systems community, and equally compelling but somewhat isolated work in the areas of language security and formal methods. This project will endeavor to bridge that gap, building on our local expertise in systems security and some compelling recent results from other researchers in language-based security.

Outcomes: We hope to construct an environment for building secure applications where application-level programmers can easily specify what parts of their programs should benefit from the enhanced protections available on some of the secure systems architectures developed here at CMU, including Flicker and TrustVisor.