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Wireless Sensor Networks for People-Tracking

Researcher: Raj Rajkumar

Research Area: Next Generation Secure and Available Networks | Security of Cyber-Physical Systems


This project will focus on the development of large-scale wireless sensor networks for people tracking in critical infrastructures such as mining, manufacturing, factories, sensitive areas and processing plants. The effort seeks to maximize mission (battery) time for long-term deployments, while providing support for timeliness, robustness, security, fault-tolerance and data freshness. In previous work, we have deployed 25 self-configuring nodes and collected several hours work of data. Several nodes are in development, including a sensor node, a USB host interface, a node with a USB interface and Time Sync Receivers (which synchronize in a fine-grained fashion to an AM/FM timing signal broadcast or an atomic clock.) Significant deployment experience is necessary to evaluate the usability and robustness of such sensor networks in harsh environments as those found in mines. Furthermore, we plan to implement these networks with mobile nodes for use in tracking people (or objects) within an infrastructure. Accuracy, security and privacy concerns need to be addressed.

The technical objectives of the work are as follows:

1) Develop a secure software platform for infrastructure sensor networks to be deployed in physical structures such as factories, buildings, homes, bridges, campuses, vehicles, ships, planes and safety-critical areas such as mines

2) Provide continual monitoring of operational health and safety

3) Report malfunctions (nearly) instantly

4) Support mobile nodes and track people