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CyLab Chronicles

CyLab Researchers Share Compelling Work with Silicon Valley Thought Leaders, Technical Experts, Law Enforcement Officials and Media at Fall 2014 Executive Briefing

The Fall 2014 CyLab Executive Briefing, held at Carnegie Mellon University's Silicon Valley campus (NASA Research Park), brought together an RSVP invitation-only group of C-level executives, thought leaders, technical experts, venture capitalists, government investigators and one cyber journalist (with an exclusive) for an update from one of the world's premiere cyber security and privacy research programs.

The event consisted of four compelling presentations from CyLab researchers (with Q & A) followed by open-ended dialogue over a delicious buffet luncheon.

The fifteen organizations represented ranged from high-tech manufacturers and financial services institutions to social media giants and federal law enforcement agencies.

The presentations delivered reflected the broad scope of CyLab research:

CyLab's Executive Briefings are an outreach to leaders in business, government and the media tasked with cyber security and privacy responsibilities. For half a day, attendees get a glimpse into just a few of the benefits that come with CyLab partnership. These benefits range from online access to the CyLab Seminar Series and attendance at the annual CyLab Partners Conference, to the opportunity to put their own researcher at a desk in CyLab for a month or a year, and the opportunity to help design a CyLab research project and to be integrally involved in its ongoing progress.

Watch a recording of one of the four presentations from this CyLab Executive Briefing, Anupam Datta on "Privacy Through Accountability" --

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