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Three CyLab Graduate Students Receive Research Fellowships

posted by Daniel Tkacik
April 26, 2016

Three CyLab Ph.D. students have just received fellowships for their graduate research.

Computer Science Ph.D. student Dana Van Aken won a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship for her work on using machine learning techniques for automatic database management system tuning and configuration. Van Aken was selected from a pool of over 17,000 applicants to receive this fellowship, which supports outstanding student researchers pursuing graduate degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics who demonstrate the potential to have a significant impact in their fields. Less than 12 percent of applicants are selected each year.

Two students won Samsung Ph.D. Fellowships. Computer Science Ph.D. student Joy Arulraj received his fellowship in the area of Software and Memory System Solutions for Data Centers. Arulraj’s research focuses on developing the novel database management system architectures for emerging non-volatile memory technologies to support modern hybrid transactional / analytical processing (HTAP) applications.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Ph.D. student Niranjini Rajagopal received her Samsung Ph.D. Fellowship in the area of Internet of Things. Rajagopal is currently working on sensor fusion for smartphone-based indoor localization, and the automatic configuration of supporting beacons that can be deployed in buildings.

“We imagine that eventually, electronic devices should be able to opportunistically localize themselves by sharing information from available sensors in a way that minimizes the need for installed infrastructure,” Rajagopal says.

The Samsung Ph.D. Fellowship program awards outstanding graduate students working on cutting-edge research for innovative solutions to their fields’ biggest problems.

Van Aken and Arulraj work in the Carnegie Mellon Database Group, which focuses on high performance database architectures, experimental systems and graph mining, as well as the Parallel Data Lab, a storage systems research center. Rajagopal works in the Wireless, Sensing and Embedded Systems (WiSE) Lab.

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