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CyLab’s David Brumley to Co-Chair First Ever “Enigma” Conference

posted by Daniel Tkacik
January 8, 2016

BrumleyCyLab director David Brumley will co-chair Enigma -- a uniquely positioned vendor-neutral security conference. With support from founding sponsor Google, Enigma aims to shine a light on great, thought-provoking work in hacking, exploitation, privacy and defense where researchers explain the stories behind and context of their work in their own voices. The conference will be held January 25 - 27 in San Francisco.

“I believed there was a need to provide a forum for experts to move beyond individual papers and products to talk about the full scope of their research, and do so within sessions centered around timely topics,” said Brumley.

The conference will focus on quality talks and deep technical insight across a research area, not just a product or paper like many current security conferences. Speakers will have 20 minutes to talk about their ideas, followed by 10 minutes for discussion with the audience. Sessions are aimed towards covering timely issues such as Automotive Security, Internet of Things, and Secure Voting to provide topic depth and different viewpoints.

“I believe that there is no better place to get the latest, freshest insights in these areas than Enigma,” Brumley said.

Enigma logo

This year’s Enigma speakers include:

  • Yoshi Kohno and Stefan Savage, the Professors who in 2010 pioneered the field of automotive security by showing cars can be remotely hacked.
  • Ben Hawkes, the lead for Project Zero at Google for finding and exploiting zero-days in Google Chrome, Windows, and Safari.
  • Tyler Nighswander, who led the #1 internationally-ranked competitive hacking team PPP to two DEFCON victories.
  • Robert Joyce, Chief of TAO at the National Security Agency, who previously was the deputy chief of NSA’s information security organizaton, the Information Assurance Directorate.

Learn more about Enigma in the video:

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