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Workshop on the Future of Privacy Notice and Choice

June 27, 2014
Carnegie Mellon University, Posner Center


June 26

7:00 pm Dinner

June 27

8:00-8:30 am Breakfast
8:30-9:15 Opening keynote - Fred Cate, Indiana University
9:15-9:30 Break
9:30-11:00 Panel: Understanding users
  • Lorrie Cranor, Carnegie Mellon University (moderator) [PDF slides]
  • Aleecia McDonald, Stanford [PDF slides]
  • Alessandro Acquisti, Carnegie Mellon University [PDF slides]
  • Masooda Bashir, University of Illinois [PDF slides]
  • Heng Xu, Penn State University [PDF slides]
11:00-12:30 pm

Research posters and lunch  View poster list

  • Results of a privacy survey evaluating opinions and knowledge
    Carol Hayes, Jay Kesan, Kevin Hoff, and Masooda Bashir

  • Short form privacy policy testing
    Morgan Eisler

  • Is Your Inseam a Biometric? A Case Study on the Role of Usability Studies in Developing Public Policy
    Rebecca Balebako, Rich Shay and Lorrie Faith Cranor

  • Knowledge-based Individualized Privacy Plans (KIPPs): A Potential Tool to Improve the Effectiveness of Privacy Notices
    Masooda Bashir, Kevin Hoff, Carol Hayes, and Jay Kesan

  • A Large-Scale Evaluation of U.S. Financial Institutions' Standardized Privacy Notices
    Lorrie Faith Cranor, James T. Graves, Pedro Giovanni Leon, and Blase Ur

  • Content vs. Format: The Relative Impact of Objective Risks and Framing on Disclosure Decisions
    Sonam Samat, Alessandro Acquisti, Idris Adjerid, Laura Brandimarte, and Pedro Leon

  • Framing and Malleability of Privacy Choices
    Idris Adjerid, Alessandro Acquisti, George Loewenstein 

  • Are They Worth Reading? An In‐depth Analysis of Online Advertising Companies' Privacy Policies
    Lorrie Faith Cranor, Candice Hoke, Pedro Giovanni Leon, and Alyssa Au

  • Privacy Grades for Mobile Applications
    Song Luan, Micheal Villena, Richmond Wong, Jialiu Lin, Jason Hong, Norman Sadeh

  • Privee: An Architecture for Automatically Analyzing Web Privacy Policies
    Sebastian Zimmeck and Steven M. Bellovin

  • Default and Context: Investigating Facebook Users’ Privacy Perceptions and Behaviors of Installing Third-Party Apps
    Heng Xu, Na Wang, Pam Wisniewski, Jens Grossklags 

  • Assessing Privacy Awareness from Browser Plugins
    Aditya Marella, Chao Pan, Ziwei Hu, Florian Schaub, Blase Ur, Lorrie Faith Cranor

  • Usable Consent - Tracking and managing use of personal data with a consent transaction receipt
    Mark Lizar and Mary Hodder

  • Helping Jonny Manage Privacy: Exploring Filters as Interfaces for Privacy Preference Specification
    Sameer Patil

  • Towards Usable Privacy Policies: Semi-automatically Extracting Data Practices From Websites' Privacy Policies
    Norman Sadeh, Alessandro Acquisti, Travis D. Breaux, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Aleecia M. McDonald, Joel Reidenberg, Noah A. Smith, Fei Liu, N. Cameron Russell, Florian Schaub, Shomir Wilson, James T. Graves, Pedro Giovanni Leon, Rohan Ramanath, Ashwini Rao

  • Tweets are forever: A large-scale quantitative analysis of deleted tweets
    Hazim Almuhimedi, Shomir Wilson, Bin Liu, Norman Sadeh, and Alessandro Acquisti

  • What do they know about me? Contents and concerns of online behavioral profiles
    Ashwini Rao, Florian Schaub and Norman M. Sadeh

  • Reconciling Mobile App Privacy and Usability on Smartphones: Could User Privacy Profiles Help?
    Bin Liu, Jialiu Lin, and Norman Sadeh

  • Modeling Users’ Mobile App Privacy Preferences: Restoring Usability in a Sea of Permission Settings
    Jialiu Lin, Bin Liu, Jason I. Hong, Norman Sadeh


Panel: Leveraging technology to improve notice and choice

2:00-2:20 Break
2:20-3:30 Panel: Policy considerations
  • Joel Reidenberg, Fordham University (moderator)
  • Michelle Chibba, Ontario Privacy Commission
  • G.S. Hans, Center for Democracy and Technology
  • Joanne Mcnabb, Director of Privacy Education and Policy, California AG
  • Ian Fette, Google
3:30-4:00 Closing keynote - Jules Polonetsky, Future of Privacy Forum