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Seminar:  Business Risks Forum: The Internet in Intelligence and Investgations

Date:January 30, 2012 
Talk Title:Business Risks Forum: The Internet in Intelligence and Investigations
Speaker:Edward Appel, Principal, iNameCheck
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm
CIC Building, Pittsburgh


Today's intelligence collector and investigator depend on the Internet for an increasingly valuable portion of findings from open sources.  Google only provides access to 18% or less of available data, so the "invisible Web" must be utilized.  Microsoft found that over 70% of firms include Internet searches in vetting potential employees, but until now, few if any standards or guides for fair cybervetting have emerged.  Internet investigation is a rapidly-developing art.  This presentation describes solutions developed over six years, including how to conduct a successful search for open-source intelligence, cybervetting and other investigative purposes.  Methods of searching, policies and procedures and privacy protection are included.

Speaker Bio

Ed AppelPresenter Ed Appel has over 43 years' experience as an FBI Agent/Executive, corporate security director, a nonprofit leader in high-tech crime prevention partnerships, and is Principal of iNameCheck, a firm specializing in Internet intelligence.  He will include highlights from his book, "Internet Searches for Vetting, Investigations and Open-Source Intelligence," and a study, "Developing a Cybervetting Strategy for Law Enforcement," a project he co-authored for the IACP and PERSEREC, along with its companion guide for national security positions.