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Seminar:  Symantec’s Customer-Centric Approach to Innovation

Date:April 19, 2010 
Talk Title:Symantec’s Customer-Centric Approach to Innovation
Speaker:Mark Bregman, Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer, Symantec
Time & Location:12:00pm - 1:00pm


Today's technology industry is a highly competitive environment where innovation is rapidly evolving and new technologies continue to revolutionize the way we learn, work and play. Our lives run on information and it's everywhere -devices, applications and systems. With all of the challenges our customers are facing in securing and managing information, we believe that it's no longer enough to just be inventive. That's why at Symantec, innovation is defined by a simple formula-Innovation =  Invention + Impact. We don't innovate for innovation's sake, we focus on innovating to solve our customers most pressing challenges.

speaker bio

Mark Bregman

Mark Bregman is executive vice president and chief technology officer at Symantec, responsible for the Symantec Research Labs, Symantec Security Response and shared technologies, emerging technologies, architecture and standards, localization and secure coding, and developing the technology strategy for the company. Bregman guides Symantec’s investments in advanced research and is responsible for the company’s development centers in India and China.

Additionally, Bregman leads the field technical enablement team, which works closely with the technical sales team to ensure they are prepared to assist customers in managing the impact of changing and emerging technical requirements.

Bregman holds a bachelor’s degree in physics from Harvard College and a master’s degree and doctorate in physics from Columbia University. He is a member of the Visiting Committee to the Harvard University Libraries, a member of the American Physical Society, and a senior member of IEEE. He also serves on the Board of Directors of ShoreTel, Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium, TechAmerica and the Anita Borg Institute.