Distinguished Blockchain Seminar: Leemon Baird

November 25, 2019

12:00 p.m.

PNC Rooms 2001 & 2002, Tepper

This event is part of the CyLab Distinguished Seminar Series and is made possible by a generous grant from the Ripple University Blockchain Research Initiative. The CyLab Distinguished Speaker Seminar series brings world-class academics, entrepreneurs, government officials, and technologists across a variety of security and privacy disciplines to engage with the CMU community. 


Speaker: Leemon Baird, Founder and CTO Hashgraph (CMU alum)

Topic: Scaling up DLTs

Leemon Baird, the creator of the hashgraph consensus algorithm, and a CMU graduate (1999), will talk about blockchains and hashgraph. He will discuss how blockchains and distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) are useful, but often have limited performance. To scale up a DLT, it is possible to take a core consensus algorithm as a building block, and construct bigger and more powerful systems. Approaches for scaling up include sharding, side ledgers, and consensus services. We will explore how these different approaches could be used with a ledger like Hedera Hashgraph, and their effects on performance, security, fairness, and privacy.



Leemon is the inventor of the hashgraph distributed consensus algorithm, and is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientist of Hedera. With over 20 years of technology and startup experience, he has held positions as a Professor of Computer Science at the US Air Force Academy and as a senior scientist in several labs. He has been the Co-Founder of several startups, including two identity-related startups, both of which were acquired. Leemon received his PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and has multiple patents and publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences in computer security, machine learning, and mathematics.

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