The CyLab Distinguished Speaker Seminar series brings world-class academics, entrepreneurs, government officials, and technologists across a variety of security and privacy disciplines to engage with the CMU community. 


Speaker: Kathleen Carley, Professor at CMU

Topic: Influence Operations: BEND maneuvers using Bots and Memes for Social Cybersecurity  

In our everyday lives we are subject to a number of influence operations.  These range from friendly nudges to all out operations conducted by adversaries to change the way you think and behave.  Using social media, these operations are having unprecedented impacts in spreading disinformation and sowing discord. Recently there have been a number of advances in social media analytics that enable characterization of the information maneuvers used to conduct such operations, detection and assessment of the actors conducting such maneuvers (e.g. bots, trolls and cyborgs), and measurement of the tools used in conducting the maneuvers – memes and cues. These advances are described and illustrated by showing the types of influence operations they were used to diagnose.  Examples are drawn from elections, disasters, and revolutions.



Professor of Societal Computing, Institute for Software Research, Carnegie-Mellon University; Director of the Center for Computational Analysis of Social and Organizational Systems (CASOS), Director of the Center for Informed Democracy and Social Cybersecurity (IDeaS), and CEO of Netanomics. Research interests: Applying computational social science, cognitive science, organization science, dynamic network analysis, social network analysis, machine learning, data analytics and text analytics to complex social and organizational problems such as social cybersecurity, disinformation, disease contagion, disaster response, and terrorism. She and her centers have developed infrastructure tools for analyzing large scale dynamic networks and various multi-agent simulation systems.