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Matt Fredrikson

Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science


Matt Fredrikson

Cross Cutting Thrusts

Formal Methods


Matt Fredrikson's research is directed at understanding fundamental security and privacy issues that lead to failures in real systems. Some of the key outstanding challenges in this area lie in figuring out why promising theoretical approaches oftentimes do not translate into effective defenses. Much of his work is concerned with developing formal analysis techniques that provide insight into the problems that might exist in a system, building countermeasures that give provable guarantees, and measuring the effectiveness of these solutions in real settings. Most of his current research focuses on issues of privacy and data confidentiality. To an even greater extent than with other security issues, our scientific understanding of this area lags far behind the need for rigorous defensive strategies. He believe that in order to reason effectively about privacy in software systems, we need application-specific ways to characterize and limit adversarial uncertainty and inference.


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