Research Seminar in Privacy and Security

Course Number: 14-812

Department: Information Networking Institute

Location: Pittsburgh

Units: 12

Semester Offered: Spring

This course is a graduate level research seminar that educates students about the latest breakthroughs and research challenges in security and privacy. The course helps to familiarize students with research terminology as well as the current topics in security and privacy. Students are expected to read recent and cutting-edge research papers in security and privacy, write critiques analyzing the research in the papers, present in class a summary of the research, and lead a class discussion. In addition, students will be working on a semester-long group research project where they are expected to conduct research on a project of their choice, present their research in class, and write a research paper. This course will enhance the research skills and critical thinking of students as they will learn how to criticize current research and how to handle open-ended problems. Students will also learn how to communicate and present technical challenges and participate in thought-provocative discussions. 

Class format


Home department


Target audience

INI students 

Background required


Learning objectives

By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • criticize current research
  • handle open-ended problems
  • communicate and present technical challenges
  • participate in thought-provocative discussions

Faculty and instructors who have taught this course in the past

Hanan Hibshi