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OSX Printing Instructions

About Print Driver Pre-installation for Mac OS X

ITS recommends installing the appropriate print drivers for your model printer before starting the print queue creation process. Mac OS ships with a limited number of device drivers and it can be inconvenient to install them while creating the queue. Please refer to Apple Computer’s OSX list of printer and scanner software available for download. Hewlett Packard submits updated driver images to Apple. Once installing the HP Printer Drivers , future HP print driver updates are available via Mac OS X built in Software Update utility.

Installing a Printer in Mac OS X (procedure updated for Mac OS 10.9, also known as Mavericks)

Click the Apple icon in the Finder menu and select System Preferences. (The System Preferences window appears).


Click the Printers & Scanners icon. (The System Preference pane view will change to the Printers & Scanners view).


Click the button to add a printer. (The Add window will appear).

Click the IP button.

In the Address text box enter the full name of the desired printer.(For example,

QueueName, and Location text boxes may be left blank. Select the "Line Printer Daemon – LPD" protocol.

printer options

(Optional) In many cases, the value in the Use box may be left as Generic Postscript Printer. The Generic Postscript driver supports typical printing features such as double-sided printing. If manufacturer drivers were preinstalled, it is possible to select the desired printer model by clicking the Use drop-down and choosing Select Software.

Click the Add button to add the desired printer. Depending on the type of printer driver selected, the Add window will change to prompt for additional printer features. For example,  the Generic Postscript driver will cause the Add window to an optional checkbox for a Duplex Printing Unit . Check the  Printer Listings to see if your printer offers duplex capability.