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CyLab Prompt Issues:

CyLab Prompt: October 2015

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the CyLab Prompt, an e-newsletter bringing the latest at CyLab to you! This monthly digest hits the inboxes of faculty, staff and students at CyLab.

Help us tell your CyLab Story!

Was your paper recently accepted? Are you going to a conference soon? Any big deadlines you’d like to share with others? Send us stories or events that you’d like us to share in the next issue of CyLab Prompt:

CyLab News for September & October 2015

Upcoming Events

CyLab Partner Program Updates

We’re pleased to welcome new partners:

3M, Aetna, Hitachi America, Wurldtech

CIC Community Announcements

Feeling green? Or just seeing more of it? That’s because we have real, live plants on the 2nd floor of the CIC. Do you know the awesome benefits to having plants in the office?

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases productivity & creativity
  • Increases comfort by raising humidity levels
  • Helps lower background noise

Do you have any suggestions on improving our community? Join us for a meeting on Oct. 29th to brainstorm ideas to improve our community:

Did you know the TV in the kitchen now displays Slack? Check it out while you’re there! And if you haven’t already, sign up to get in on the action: